About Us

The Wortex brand forms part of Speroni, Italy and is distributed worldwide. Wortex pressure and surface pumps are manufactured in Italy while the submersible pumps are manufactured in Taiwan.

Speroni has been manufacturing pumps since 1964 and exports to 80 countries. The manufacturing plant of 33000 sq.m. and produces 2000 units per day. See www.speroni.it and www.cospet.it.

Prodist (www.prodist.co.za) is the sole importer and distributor of the Wortex series and takes responsibility for the trademark in Southern Africa.

The Wortex range consists of a full range of surface pumps, typically used in domestic water supply, irrigation projects and for pumping water to crips or dams. Pressure pumps are widely used for increasing or stabilizing water pressure in homes, guesthouses, workers' houses or office blocks. The pressure pumps are available with pressure tank tank or europress electronic regulating mechanism.

The Wortex range is further supplemented with swimming pool and fountain pump range.